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Digital Multimeter UA78A+

6000 counts Capacitance Resistance Temperature NCV True RMS DC AC digital multimeter

6000 counts Capacitance Resistance Temperature NCV True RMS  DC AC digital multimeter

  •  UA78A+ General characteristics:
    1. Display: LCD
    2. Maximum display: 5999, 3 5/6 automatic polarity display and unit display
    3. Measurement methods: double integral A/D conversion
    4. Sampling rate: 3 times /second
    5. Over range display: OL
    6. Low voltage display: display low voltage symbols
    7. Working environment: 0 to 40°C, relative humidity <80%
    8. Storage environment: -10 to 50°C, relative humidity <80%
    9. Battery: 6F22 battery 9V(Shipping not including battery by air.)
    10. Volume size: 200 * 94 * 57mm
    11. Weight: about 400g (including battery).

  • Basic functionRangeBasic accuracy
    DC voltage600m/6/60/600/1000V± (0.5%+5d): 600mV/6/60/600V
    ± (1.0%+6d): 1000V
    AC voltage6/60/600/750V± (1.2%+5d): 6/60/600V
    ± (1.5%+5d): 750V
    DC current60uA/6/60/600mA/10A± (0.8%+10d): 6OuA/6/60mA
    ± (1.2%+10d): 600mA
    ± (2.0%+10d): 10A
    AC current60mA/600mA/10A± (1.0%+10d): 6/60mA
    ± (1.5%+10d): 600mA
    ± (2.5%+10d): 10A
    ± (0.8%+10d): 600Ω
    ± (0.8%+3d): 6/60/600kΩ/6MΩ
    ± (1.2%+10d): 600MΩ
    ± (4.0%+10d): 10nF
    ± (3.0%+5d): 100nF/1/10/100μF
    ± (5.0%+10d): 1mF not specify: 100mF
    Temperature0 to 300°C/301 to 1000°C
    -32 -1832°F 
    0-300ºC, ± (1.0%+4)
    301 to 1000°C ± (1.9%+5)
    -32 -1832°F
    ± (1.2%+6) 
    9.999MHz: ±(1%+3D)
    ± (0.5%+3d)
    Special function

    NCV  test V
    Diode testing
    Triode testing
    On-off buzzer 600Ω
    Low battery display V
    Data Hold/TRMS/NCV V
    Automatic turn-0ff V
    Function protection V
    Automatic resettable fuse

    Shake-proof protection V
    Input impedance for DCV10MΩ
    Backlight V
    Self recovered Safety V
    Operation mode Manual range
    Maximum display 5999
    Power9V battery (6F22) NOT including


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