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HCHO CH2O formaldehyde gas detector UA506

Formaldehyde Meter / Formaldehyde Tester. If you are looking for a portable formaldehyde meter for indoor air quality monitoring, UYIGAO has the right solution for you to quickly check the formaldehyde (HCHO) level in your workplace, office, home, laboratory or on your production site. A formaldehyde meter is also frequently used by HVAC technicians.

UA506 HCHO CH2O formaldehyde gas detector

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Sampling methods: diffusion type
Sampling frequency: 1 second
Response time: less than 60 seconds
Mechanical: 120x65x25mm ABS plastic case
Weight: 150g
2. Formaldehyde sensor
Range: 0 to 5ppm as standards (0 to 6.7mg/m3 at 25℃)
Resolution: 0.001ppm
Accuracy: 10% at 2ppm
3. Temperature
Range: -15 to 50℃
Resolution: 0.1℃
Accuracy: ±1.5℃

Package List:
1 * UA506 Meter
1 * User Manual





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