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Combustible gas leak detector UA9800A

A gas leak detector from UYIGAO can reveal combustible gas leakage from pipes, equipment and tanks. Sensors provide audible and visual signals to alert the user of the presence of a whole array of combustible gases, including natural gas, methane, butane, industrial solvents, ammonia, and more.

Combustible Natural Gas Analyzer Leak Alarm Detector Portable Leakage UA9800A


Type 9800A leak detector with visual leakage indicator, can detect leakage.

All you need to know the high reliability testing instrument in the use of all

kinds of refrigerants,alkanes, combustible gas and fuel oil is of great value

in the environment of universal instruments.

Can be used to detect hydrocarbons(methane,natural gas,gas,ethane,propane,

benzene,Acetylene,propane,N,N,N,n,Pentane,hexane,gas oil,toluene), halogenated

hydrocarbons(methylchloride,methylene chloride,three chloride,vinylchloride),



Scope of application:


The  9800A series are general purpose combustible gas detectors which may be used in almost any situation where a combustible gas, vapor or residueneeds to be found.

The 9800A leak detector can be used to detect a wide range of refrigerants and combustible gases, such as automotive air conditioning systems, commercial refrigeration systems, gas lines, marine power systems, exhaust and fuel leaks, gas heating systems, and propane filling stations.




* Audible “geiger counter” signal

* Visual Leak Size Indicators

* Adjustable sensitivity

* Fast warm-up




Name: Combustible Gas Detector


Batteries: AAA/7 alkaline batteries

Weight: 200g

Size: 160x65x25mm

Power Supply: alkaline battery

Sensitivity: Variable, as low as 5ppm (gasoline)

Operating Temperature Range: 14°F to 122°F(-15°C to 50°C)

Duty Cycle: Continuous; no limitation

Response Time: Instantaneous

Warm-Up Time: Approximately 30 seconds

Probe Length:  300mm

Continuous Operation Time: more than 4 hours


Package included:

1 * Combustible Gas Detector

1 * User Manual

Battery Not include




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