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Power Consumption Meter with socket

Power Consumption Meter / Energy Cost Meter

  • SAFETY PERFORMANCE - On the LCD screen an overload warning: If the current exceeds 16A or power exceeds 3680W, the "OVERLOAD" icon on the LCD will flash to warn the user and automatically interrupt the power supply to ensure the safety of household power. If it is less than 1.0W, it will be considered as the power consumption of the machine and the time will not accumulate.

  • Multi-function socket - monitoring power (w), energy (kWh), voltage (V), current (A), power factor, cost as well as minimum and maximum performance, very suitable for monitoring the energy consumption of household appliances to maximize energy savings.

  • Real-time monitoring - Monitor electricity costs, press the COST, FUNCTION, UP and DOWN buttons to adjust electricity prices according to the instructions. You can monitor power consumption and electricity bills in real time. You can determine the cost of the standby device, the power factor whether the device is actually charged and the device is being charged more. Long time to reduce power consumption and save money.

  • Backlit LCD - Power monitor with large, clear backlit LCD display, clear view from all angles, easy to read, easy to read and record, especially in the dark to allow you to understand the data clearly.

  • Data retention function - With the memory data retention function, you can disconnect the device from the electricity meter or pull the electricity meter out of the socket. The last data is saved and the counter can be moved and displayed without losing data.

Save energy, save money.

Power Consumption Monitor.

1. Electricity bills are increasing. Now you can count power consumption in kilowatt hours and estimate which devices are worth staying connected.

2. Simply connect to a standard socket and then connect a device to this device.

3. You can check the quality of your energy by monitoring voltage, amp, frequency and power factor.

7 modes:

Mode 1 - Time/Power(W)/Electricity Cost.

Mode 2 - Time/Cumulative Force (kWh )/Cumulative Days.

Mode 3 - Time/Voltage (V) / Frequency.

Mode 4 - Time/Power (A)/Power Factor.

Mode 5 - Time/Minimum Power.

Mode 6 - Time/Maximum Power.

Mode 7 - Time/Cost.



Operating voltage: AC 120 V.

Operating frequency: 60 Hz.

Wide Voltage Range: 110V-130V.

Operating current: 15 A max.

Power indicator: 0W-9,999W.

Voltage display range: 0V-9,999V.

Frequency display: 0Hz-9,999Hz.

Current display: 0.0A - 15.0A.

Price display range: 0.00 costs / kWh - 99.99 costs / kWh.

Timing display range: 0 Seconds - 9,999 Days.

Total kWh and cost display: 0.000 kWh --- 999 kWh, 0.00 cost.

Contents of delivery:

1 x energy cost meter.

1 x user guide (English language not guaranteed).


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