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UA961 Sound Level Meter

Hot sale LCD Backlight 35-135dBA Accuracy dB noise tester Digital Sound Noise Level Decibel Meter

Hot sale Digital Audio Decibel Meter Noise Level Meter Sound Monitor dB Meter Noise Tester Sound Level Meter

The meter can test Sound Level and Temperature.


--Applied StandardIEC61672-1 CLASS2

--Measuring level range35dB~135dB

--Dynamic range50dB

--Frequency range31.5Hz~8KHz


--Frequency weighting: A frequency weighting

--Time weighting FAST:125ms/ SLOW: 1s

--Microphone:1/2 inch electrets condenser microphone

--High/low reading indication:100dB,LCD displays “Hi”

,100dB,LCD displays “LO”

--Temperature range:-20~70/-4~158

--Temperature accuracy:±1.5/2.7


--Data update:300ms

--Battery life: at least 60 hours

--Operating conditions:-20~60/-4~140,10RH%~90 RH%

--Storage conditions:-20~60/-4~140,10 RH%~75 RH%

--Battery:3*1.5V “AAA” batteries

Digital Sound Level Meter with LCD Screen.

35dBA~135dBA Decibel Meter,

Measuring range:35dBA ~ 135dBA;


Sampling rate:500ms

Dual Display: The sound level meter is designed with a high accuracy, fast response and stable readings.

LCD Backlight Display: This Meter is small and portable to use, with a white backlit dual display LCD screen can be used in a dark environment.

HOLD, MAX & MIN: Including all useful features such as data hold, max recorded reading and min recorded reading as well as auto power off.

USEFUL TOOL IN YOUR WORK & LIFE – This sound level meter is a great tool for checking, monitoring or controlling the sound level of any environments. It is widely applicable for personal, families, business, studies, industrial and etc.


High accuracy, fast response

Color LCD display with backlight

Temperature measurement



Wide frequency range

Fast/slow time weighting

Over range indication

Enable/Disable auto power off


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