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Voltage testerVoltage testerVoltage testerVoltage testerVoltage testerVoltage testerVoltage testerVoltage testerVoltage tester

NCV detector non contact AC voltage tester and socket AC voltage tester


GFCI Electrical Voltage Test Socket detector EU Plug Ground Zero Line Plug Polarity Phase Check Socket Tester

Widely used in Great Britain, Asia and other countries.


1. Mini portable design, easy to carry and simple to use.

2. RCD (or GFCI) test.

3. Voltage test(with LCD).

4. Can detect the wiring status of the socket quickly and accurately.

5. Widely used in the school, laboratory, factory and other social fields.


1.It tests your protection system to ensure the household electrical safety.

2.Widely used in the school, laboratory, factory and other social fields.




Plug standard: EU plug / US plug / British plug / China plug

Operate voltage: 48 - 250V/45 - 65Hz

Measure voltage:48 - 250V/45 - 65Hz



RCD test:≥30mA

RCD working voltage:220V±20V

GFCI test:>5mA

GFCI working voltage:110V±20V

Item weight:59g

Item size:58x64x60mm

Package informations:

Package weight:85g/3oz

Package size:73x73x73mm/2.87x2.87x2.87in

Non-contact non contact ac voltage NCV detector tester pen
- Adjustable sensitivity: Dual range AC 12V- 1000V / 48V- 1000V, choose different ranges according to your needs;
- Different voltage test and dual range test - electric wire and zero line can be distinguished by different frequency of alarm sounds; the default AC voltage measurement range is 48-1000V, and 12-1000V can also be measured by adjusting the sensitivity, to meet the need to select the most suitable sensitivity before testing in different occasions and different objects;
- Non-contact voltage tester - When the device is close to the AC voltage within the specified voltage range, it will emit a LED light and beep sound without touching the object under test to support adequate safety measurement applications;
- LED light & low voltage indicator light - low voltage LED and alarm light prompts can remind you to replace the battery in time, the white LED light can work normally in the dark environment; no automatic operation for 5 minutes to save energy;
- Safe sound and light alarm - Distinguish voltage frequency by buzzer and LED indicator. Its sound is enough to hear the noise of medium machinery;
- Small size, easy to store in the toolbox or carried in your pocket.

AC voltage range: 48V-1000V / 12V-1000V
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Alarm mode: sound and LED light alarm
Voltage level: low, medium and high
Flashlight: simultaneous LED lighting
Low voltage indicator: Yes
Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries (NOT included)
Product size: 155 x 24 x 22mm/6.10 x 0.94 x 0.87"
Operating temperature: 0~ 40 ° C
Storage temperature: -10~ 50 °C
Altitude: <2000 meters


Range of voltage detectionhigh sensitivity:AC12~1000V;Low sensitivity:AC48~1000V
Alarm modeSound and light alarm
Probe shapeProlate shape
BacklightRed and green double color backlight
Live and NeutralAccording to backlight color change: green is neutral wire; red is live wire.
Signal intensity displayFour level sensitivity of bargraph
Signal intensity indication methodsound from slow to fast;backlight from green to red;bargraph from low to high
Auto power offNo operation, no sensing signal will shut down automatically in about 3 minutes.
Low-battery indication
Power Supply2x1.5V AAA batteries
WeightApprox. 45g
Size155mm x 20mm x 20mm
Safety ratingEN61010-1,-2-030;EN61326-1,CAT III 1000V



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