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digital wood moisture meter UA22G

Digital moisture meter for wood

Wood Humidity Tester Hygrometer Timber Damp Detector Digital Wood Moisture Meter with Two Pins Large LCD Display


Key Specifications:

  • Professional material moisture tester, compact appearance is easy to use

  • Can be widely used in furniture, decoration, construction, building materials and other fields

  • Can be used in family, school, smelting, telecommunications, manufacturing, oil, defense, power, chemical industry and other fields, is an ideal tool for  circuit/power equipment maintenance

UA22G Specifications:

Display: Large LCD characters display

Principle: Electrical resistance

Range: Wood: 1%~99%

Resolution: 0.1%

Accuracy: ±0.5%

Electrode length: 10mm(0.4")

Electrode pins: Integrated

Auto Power OFF: After approx.15 minutes

Power Supply: 4*AAA batteries

Meter housing: ABS plastic

Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (32℉ ~ 104℉)

Dimensions: 145 X 67 X 32mm (5.7" x 2.6" x 1.3")

Weight: 200g (7.0 oz)

NOTE: Not included batteries.

Objective functionUA22G
Length of probe14mm
Probereplaceable, two-pin or four-pin replacement
Wood material selection
Construction material selection
Backlight choice
Low battery display
Power9V battery
Net weight98g
Product size154x68x26mm
Accessoriesinstruction, warranty card and battery







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