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UA6013L Capacitance meter

200pF to 20mF Capacitor Tester Digital LCD Capacitance Meter UA6013L

6013L type digital capacitance meter is pocket, convenient operation, accurate numerical reading, low-consumption, driven by battery, and showing numbers in a big LCD. Being accurate in measuring, it covers 9 measuring sections, a wide rang from 0.1pF to 20,000μF. It can be used in testing error testing, numerical analysis, selecting capacitance, measuring unknown capacitance, matching capacitance, and measuring the capacitance of cable, switch and printing electro circuit.

200pF-20mF Auto Range Tester Capacitor Capacitance Digital Capacitance Meter



- 1. It is applied with CMOS double-bevel A/D convertor that is automatic in zeroing and polar selection, and makes instruction for beyond measuring range.

- 2. Wide measuring range, covering 9 measuring sections from 0.1pF to 20,000μF that includes nominal value of any capacitance.

- 3. Biggest display value: 1999(3 1/2).

- 4. Reading: 2-3 readings/sec.

- 5. Zeroing: There is a zeroing knob on the front, easy for operation.

- 6. Data hold: Put the “HOLD” switch to "ON" and the DH sign will appear on the display.

- 7. Press the yellow light button , the back light will turn on.

- 8. Temperature for accurate measuring: 25℃±5℃

- 9. Temperature range: working temperature: 0℃ to 40℃

- Storage temperature: -10℃ to 50℃

- 10. Relative humidity:<80%

- 11. Power: a 9V laminated battery (NOT including)

- 12. Dimensions: 143x74x35mm/5.6x2.9x1.4 Inch

- 13. Material: Plastic


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