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rotary laser level 5 green blue red beam

A laser level includes a housing, a pendulum pivotably mounted to the housing, and a laser diode assembly disposed on the pendulum. A gimbal assembly is employed for pivotably mounting the pendulum to the housing. The gimbal assembly includes a frame connected to the housing, a first pair of bearings disposed on the frame, an axle extending through the first pair of bearings, a body disposed on the axle and pivotably supporting the pendulum, and a second pair of bearings disposed between the body and the pendulum. The first pair of bearings is disposed on one side of the second pair of bearings.

professional cross-line level 2 3 5 cross line crossline leveling laser


Name UA605 five-line laser level Instrument (red)
Laser wavelength vertical and horizontal,635nm
the next point 650nm
Working distance indoor radius R10 meters
Anping range +/- 3 degrees (out of range automatic alarm)
Launch angle 110 degrees
Horizontal Precision +/- 1mm/5m 
Vertical Precision +/- 1mm/5m 
Next point accuracy +/- 1mm / 140cm
Orthogonal precision 90 degrees +/- 1 point
Zenith Precision +/- 2mm/3m 
Line width 2mm / 5m
Working environment -10 degrees Celsius ~ +45 degrees Celsius
Continuous Working Time about 8 hours 
Color red and black
Material plastic metal

Packing List: 
1 x Professional Laser Level Without battery
1 x Adapter 
1 x box 
1 x User manual 
Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.


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