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1000A Digital Clamp Meter UA6266

The 1000A True-RMS AC Clamp Meter is designed for electrical motor maintenance in high voltage industrial environments. Inrush capability allows motor start-up monitoring. The Φ55m diameter jaw can easily handle large conductors. This professional T-RMS clamp meter offers a full range of standard multimeter features, including AC current, AC/DC voltage, frequency, True-RMS, diode, etc.

Digital clamp meter has AC current range 0-1000A, maximum jaw opening size 55mm, 4 digit display and maximum value 1999.


Size (L*W*H)230*70*37mm
Display4 digit LCD   display
Maximum display value1999
Power supplyDC 9V, 6F22   battery
Maximum jaw opening size28mm
Woring environmentTemperature:   5℃~35℃ (41℉~95℉), relative humidity:<75%
Storage temperature-10℃~+50℃   (14℉~122℉)
AccessoriesA pair of test   probes, a user manual, 6F22 battery
AC current1000A±(3.0%+10 digits)
DC voltage1000V±(0.8%+3 digits)
AC voltage750V±(1.2%+5 digits)
Resistance2000MΩ±(5.0%+2 digits)
Special functionsDiode testDisplay forward   voltage value of diode
On-off buzzerContinuity test   buzzer
Data holdHold the reading   when taking a measurement
Automatic power offAutomatic power   off when 15 minutes no operation
Overload protectionOverload   protection for 100% range
Range selectionManual range   selection
BacklightBacklight for LCD   display




Display: 3 1/2 digit LCD

Maximum display value: 1999 number.

Polarity indication: automatic indication, '-' indicates negative polarity.

Overrange display: ‘1’ or ‘-1’.

Sampling time: about 3 times / sec

Unit display: with function, power unit display.

Power: DC power supply 9.0V

Jaw opening size: 50mm cable diameter is not more than 50mm

Static working current: no more than 2.0mA (without backlight)

Battery type: 6F22 9V battery

Battery undervoltage indication: LCD displays symbols.

DC voltage(V):1000V

AC voltage(V): 750V

AC current (A):200A/1000A


On-off test:200Ω

High resistance test (with 500V insulation test accessory):20MΩ/2000MΩ

Temperature coefficient: less than 0.1 × accuracy / ° C

Working temperature: 18 ° C ~ 28 ° C

Storage temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C

Size: 230 × 70 × 37mm

Weight: about 310g (including battery)

Ambient temperature: 235 ° C

Relative humidity: < 75%

Accuracy: ±(a% × reading + word count)

Accuracy guarantee period: one year

Package Included:

1 x Digital Clamp multimeter

2 x Test Pens

1 x User manual


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