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    UA6243+ Digital Inductance Capacitance Meters

    • Brand :UYIGAO
    • Product:Digital LC Meter
    • No.:

    Product Feature: UA6243 + Digital inductance capacitance meter with Non-contact Probe and with 3 ½ digit LCD display, the instrument uses 26

    1. Detailed information

    Product Feature: 

    UA6243 + Digital inductance capacitance meter with Non-contact Probe and with 3 ½ digit LCD display, the instrument uses 26mm high character LCD display, easy for reading. Used to measure inductance, capacitance. 
    Features: 12 Ranges, character height 26mm, maximum display 1999, Low Battery Display anti-vibration protection, capacitor discharge function 
    Function: Inductance: 2mH / 20mH / 200mH / 2H / 20H 
    Capacitance: 2nF / 20nF / 200nF / 2uF / 20uF / 200uF / 2000uF 
    Basic Accuracy: ± 1.0% 
    Power Supply: 9V battery (6F22)

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